Artificial Intelligence 

Inetegrate AI with your natural Intelligence

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Instructors: DigitSutra

Why this course?


Why this course?
Do you like talking to Alexa or use Google maps to find out the fastest route to your destination? If yes, then you are already an AI user.
Today AI is directly or indirectly used in almost all areas, be it Arts, Music, Space, Manufacturing and Healthcare.
In this course, we take you on an exploratory journey where you discover the wonders of AI and learn its fundamentals through practical experiments & hands-on projects!

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML)
Create & train own ML models using IBM Watson ML service
Use of crowd sourcing and pre-trained ML models
Deploy the ML models on Scratch (visual coding platform)
Five hands-on FUN projects on: Image, Number, Text & Sound Classification

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Mehr (10yrs, California, USA)

Artificial Intelligence Course:

What I really liked about this AI course were all the interesting Scratch projects we worked on.
This was really fun because I could use the things we learned in the class in my other projects. I also really liked my teacher because he is funny and nice.
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